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What if my visa gets cancelled?

What if I lose my job and health insurance?

What do you do? Drop us your email and a little about you, and we’ll help. Seriously - that’s what we do.

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Support for job seekers

No visa, no job, no health coverage - not as much of a problem as you may think. At this point, it’s no surprise that we’re living in uncertain and unprecedented times. The uncertainty you’re feeling, we’re all feeling it too - it’s positively palpable. However, hope is not lost. The “new normal” may still be settling in, but we’ve got lots of ideas on what you can do should you be faced with a cancelled H1B visa or other as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Canada is home to one of the world’s fastest-growing and highly-competitive tech ecosystems. Our community of tech is collaborative by nature and always on the lookout for the best-of-the-best to join its ranks. Calling all talented product managers, software engineers and developers - we want you. And the best part of this “new normal”? You won’t even have to move (but you’ll want to, because well, Canada is awesome). 

Interested? You should be. Reach out and we’ll help you find the job of your dreams - in the land of the true north, strong and free.

Jobs in tech

Ready to start looking for Canadian tech jobs? Begin your search at WorkInTech.ca where over 400 companies are hiring for more than 1,000 dream positions.

Why Waterloo?

Don’t know where to look in Canada? We’re super biased but definitely recommend you start by looking at the fastest-growing tech market in the country: Waterloo Region. 

Talent resources

Whether you’re a job seeker or company looking to relocate, we have the resources you’ll need to get to know the Canadian tech ecosystem. 


Support for companies

It bears repeating: Canada is home to one of the world’s fastest-growing tech ecosystems - and here, we’re all about Tech For Good™. There are a million reasons that we could share with you on why Canada is the best place to start, grow and succeed as a tech company - but we’ll keep it short. Inclusion. Diversity. Acceptance. Socially responsible. Trusted. Health care for all. While it may not be perfect, Canada certainly stands tall amongst the world’s nations. 

Here’s one more good reason. Like you, we want the best talent for the job. Full stop. So in today’s proximity-optional world, we created Communitech Outposts. It’s a service to help Canadian companies hire employees who live in the U.S. that also helps provide comprehensive benefits, including health insurance.

Communitech is located in the heart of Waterloo Region and is considered the home base of Canada’s tech community. The tech hub also manages a network of 29 innovation hubs from all over our great nation to ensure coast to coast support for tech-driven businesses of all sizes. 

Interested in joining our ecosystem and learning more? You should be, we’re pretty awesome. Reach out and we’ll help you get started.

Hire with Communitech Outposts

Looking to hire talent in the U.S.? Communitech Outposts can really help with that.

Relocate to Canada via the Startup Visa program

The Startup Visa Program is intended to attract foreign founders who wish to establish new, scalable businesses as part of Canada’s innovation boom.

Support for startups and scale-ups

Are you a startup or scale-up company looking for support entering Canada’s incredible tech ecosystem? We got you. Communitech offers tailor made services for tech-enabled companies of all sizes.

Expand or relocate your company

We know that growing a business isn’t easy. Resources to help you along this journey are available through Waterloo EDC's Business Development team.

Still not sure if Waterloo Region is the right tech powerhouse for you? Check out what others have to say.

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Canadian tech rises again as Shopify becomes the second-most valuable company in Canada 

What if my visa gets cancelled?

What if I lose my job and health insurance?

Drop us your email and a little about you, and we’ll help. Seriously - that’s what we do.

I'm interested