Data Concierge

Communitech’s Data Concierge

Can’t find the data you need? Communitech’s Data Concierge can help.

Submit a request and we’ll help guide your search. If the data is not openly available, we’ll work with the appropriate parties to try to have it opened up.

Communitech’s Data Concierge can:

  • Provide guidance in finding potential relevant data sources.
  • Offer advice regarding the quality and compatibility of data against company objectives.
  • Advocate on your behalf to get a data set opened/released.
  • Work with partners in the connected and autonomous vehicles or internet-of-things space to gather data.
  • Provide access to an open HD map with multiple data layers.

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Communitech’s Extended Data Concierge

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models thrive on well organized and relevant data and our team understands how challenging it can be to get there. That’s why we’ve decided to complement our core offering with the Communitech Extended Data Concierge service. We’ve partnered with a select number of data science vendors who will meet with you to understand your business and data problem and will identify ways to make your data work for you and your business goals.

If you currently have an approved project through CENGN or ENCQOR, or if you’re building an HD Mapping product and have not received AVIN Ventures funding from Communitech then  you can apply to be considered for this service.

The Communitech Extended Data Concierge vendors can:

  • Help you label data sets required for ML/AI model development
  • Rapidly enrich, train, and manage your machine learning models and proofs of concept
  • Create reports and dashboards to help communicate and visualize your data
  • Create synthetic training data for computer vision to develop deep learning models faster and cheaper than with real-world data.

The scope of work available through these projects can be categorized as follows:

  • Data Acquisition, Enrichment and Preparation (i.e. Data Crawling, Data Cleansing, Data Labelling, Synthetic Training Data)
  • Data Analytics (i.e. KPI Dashboards, Predictive Analytics)
  • Data Engineering (i.e. Data Integrations, Data Aggregation & Consolidation, General ETL)

Our vendors are: Ample Insight, BeamData and SBX Robotics.

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