Innovate with data

Future-focused companies will solve the problems of tomorrow 

And Communitech is here to help.

By providing access to data, technology and people, we connect you to the resources you need to tackle problems with markets behind them. 

Depending on your needs, we can help:

  • Find and access data, including open data.
  • Access advanced tech platforms for product development.
  • Develop and deploy a data strategy that is right for your business.
  • Fund data research and product development.
  • Connect you to technical professionals and business experts.
  • Find space and foster a community for data professionals.
  • Uncover a path to becoming more data-driven.
  • Find and build partnerships.

The Data Innovation Canvas

Looking to build an actionable plan to guide your organization towards data innovation? 

Introducing the Data Innovation Canvas. Similar to Lean Canvas, this is a resource to help organizations establish stronger data foundations to enhance their insights and better leverage advanced technologies. 

In addition to identifying the strengths and weaknesses in a company’s current data capabilities, the tool is organized around the four key pillars of data innovation and highlights the data-specific gaps the organization needs to close in order to innovate.

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Learning & engagement opportunities

Data Hub Sessions

One-hour sessions that cover a broad range of topics in the data and emerging technology space.

Data Growth Coaches

Access mentorship from technical professionals and business experts to help solve your data challenges.

Privacy resources and services

If navigating data privacy has your head spinning, don’t worry – we can help clear things up! We’ve put together a few resources to help guide you through privacy regulations so you can stay focused on growing your business.

Data Hub workshops

Get hands-on in these small-scale, tactical events that include a complete demo and do-it-yourself structure. Developed by key partners like Ericsson, Ciena, IBM, along with our data growth coaches, half- or full-day workshops are available.

Ecosystem engagement

Corporate partners can seek innovative solutions to their most pressing problems through our Ecosystem Engagement programs. Solve data-related business challenges and capitalize on advanced technology opportunities through collaboration with startup and scale-up partners.

Sandbox sessions

Visit the Data Hub and test out its world-class equipment and tech tools. Sign up for a drop-in test period during one of our upcoming sessions.

Data Concierge

Not sure where to start? Can't find the data you need? Have a specific question? Our Data Concierge can help.

Access the Data Concierge

Funding opportunities

Looking for funds to accelerate your product development? Startups and Scale-ups are eligable for sources of funding through the following projects.

ENCQOR 5G Demonstration Program

Access up to $50,000 for a stand-alone project or collaboration using 5G.

Next Generation Networks (NGN) Demonstration Program 

Access up to $50,000 for a stand-alone project or collaboration using the CENGN testbed.

AVIN Waterloo Ventures

Access up to $50,000 for your HD mapping project.

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