Next Generation Network Program at Communitech

The Next Generation Network Program (NGNP) helps Ontario-based startups and scale-ups accelerate their commercialization efforts by providing no-cost access to the CENGN enterprise-scale computing and networking testbed. 

Qualifying companies use the testbed to further develop proof-of-concept or demonstrations leading to new technologies, products, processes and/or services.

Next Generation Networks (NGN) Demonstration Program 

Looking for funds to accelerate your product development? Access up to $50,000 with the NGN Demonstration Program.

Funding is available for stand-alone projects or collaborations with industry partners and/or public sector organizations such as municipalities, health care facilities or public utilities. 

Proof-of-concept project activities can include, but are not limited to, technology adoption demonstration, startup or scale-up support, prototyping, product testing and applied research and development.

Projects are not limited to network management but can range over various market sectors such as manufacturing, health care, agriculture, education and much more. The testbed infrastructure can be used to simulate multi-tenant cloud service offering found in the main public cloud providers in a secure and private environment, allowing stress testing for capacity and security. Companies can also use the advanced GPU cloud computing capabilities of the testbed to accelerate machine learning development by determining the optimal number of GPUs and GPU power needed to run deep-learning AI models and improve accuracy.

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How companies have used the program

Gnowise used the testbed to determine the optimal number and power of GPUs needed to run their deep learning AI models and improve the accuracy, response time and scalability of their property valuation platform.

Baysil used the testbed to validate its health application as a multi-tenant cloud solution by assessing security compliance to PHIPA/PIPEDA standards and scale testing to ensure the application could handle 700 simultaneous users.

Aterlo Networks utilized the testbed’s bare-metal resources in a private project space to host their network QoE measurement appliance and went on to validate that it could inspect different types of incoming traffic at 10Gbps and perform scale tests at traffic speeds of at least 15Gbps.

Chalk leveraged the commercial grade infrastructure of the testbed to validate their platform’s new auto-scaling feature, giving Chalk the ability to draw compute resources automatically to meet the real-time need of its users.  

Centre of Excellence in Next-Generation Network (CENGN) partners with Communitech to enable the commercial growth of companies in Waterloo Region. This video premiered at CENGN Summit 2019.

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The Next Generation Network Program (NGNP) is offered through a partnership between the Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks  and OCE, on behalf of the Government of Ontario.