Manulife Enterprise Collision Day
Thursday, June 30, 2016 starting at 10am
Presentation 10am – 10:45am


A global financial services group headquartered in Waterloo, Manulife is searching for health tech innovations to help Canadians lead healthier lives.


Recent advancements in technology has allowed for a greater access to health data than ever before. Manulife believes that this provides an opportunity to improve the health of Canadians.  Without the proper action plans, many Canadians will not be able to take advantage of new technologies to create healthier outcomes.


Manulife aims to lead this next wave of health improvements by enabling concrete action plans from technology and data in an automated and individualized way.


Manulife’s goal is to connect with tech companies whose technologies and solutions meet three primary areas:

  1. Consumer technology to gather and collect health information (such as wearables, applications, or other means)
  2. Technology and data strategies to aggregate this information to create health plans
  3. Chronic disease management through community building services, mental health, and behaviour modification/support services


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Manulife decision-makers attending this event include:


The Enterprise Collision Day begins with an open presentation highlighting Manulife’s current focus, why they chose to tap into the Waterloo Region-Toronto corridor, and the value of partnering with this leading organizations. Following the presentation, a series of private one-on-one meeting will be held.


June 13 is the deadline to apply for the opportunity to discuss your company with Manulife’s influencers or to register to attend the presentation.
Public presentation
Private meetings

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