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Our Ask Me Anything sessions feature industry experts answering questions submitted by Communitech startups and scale-ups.

Communitech startups and scale-ups can view upcoming sessions and submit questions via the AMA Slack channel. Contact your Communitech Advisor or CSM if you need access.

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Past sessions

Ask Me Anything Sessions: So, You Want To Be A Unicorn?

It's all about economics - your company's ability to turn ideas and cash into growth. Understanding the economics of scaling can accelerate growth, reduce capital requirements and increase your chances of global success. It can also lead to the creation of a "unicorn." 

To understand the economics of success, or as we refer to it, unicorn math, companies need to develop an algorithm for growth. An algorithm for growth is the economic formula that numerically reflects those factors that are essential to create a world-class product or company. Join Serial Entrepreneur and Innovation Economist, Charles Plant, as he shares the fundamentals of unicorn math and answers all of your questions.

Ask Me Anything Sessions: How to Become a Successful MedTech Founder

MedTech companies face a number of unique challenges that are different than other tech startups.  These differences, which stem from operating in a regulated environment, include not only the regulatory pathway but also long development cycles, special controls and quality systems, unique pricing, , the need for clinical testing and others.  This Ask Me Anything session will provide an overview of the unique landscape of MedTech startups so you can make smart choices early and put your startup on the road to success.

Plus get all of your questions answered by our in-house MedTech Growth Coaches, Bruce Brown, Paul Weber & Peter Bloch.

Ask Me Anything Sessions: How Will the U.S. Election Results Impact Your Business?

The Canadian business community is waiting to exhale as our largest trading partner heads to the polls on Nov. 3. Over the last four years, Canadian exporters have weathered a new United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement and an administration that favours America-first policies, tariff threats and bilateral deal-making to long-term trade peace.

Would a Biden administration return U.S./Canada trade relations to something normal? With the trade mix shifting from raw materials and autos to data, SaaS and advanced manufacturing, not to mention a border still closed to non-essential travel, is there even a normal to get back to?

Ask Me Anything Sessions: Employing Parents in a Pandemic


  • Allison Venditti, CHRP, CHRL, Founder, Careerlove and Moms At Work
  • Jim Moss, VP of Workplace Well-Being
  • Martha van Berkel, CEO & Co-Founder of Schema App
  • Sheri Allain, Founder, Codezilla Kids

Hear from a panel of experts who want to help startup and scale-up employers start the conversation with their employees as they embark on new challenges in parenting during a pandemic.

More resources:

Free mental health resources
Children's mental health resources
Workplace strategies for mental health
Resources for leaves of absence (Ontario Specific)
Contingency planning - tools and templates

Ask Me Anything Sessions:  The Evolution of Events: 2020 & Beyond


  •  Kristen Gillett, Event specialists, Co-owner of Birtch Gillett Inc
  • Leena Birtch, Event specialists, Co-owner of Birtch Gillett Inc

We’re cutting through all that clutter to teach you how events can seamlessly operate today, what you need to consider for the future and what cannot be sacrificed going forward.

    Ask Me Anything Sessions: PR 101 for Startup and Scale-ups


    •  Alex Kinsella, Principal at Kinsella Marketing
    • Candace Beres, Communitech's Manager of Public Relations 

    Learn what types of stories reporters are looking, how to adjust your strategies to reach new audiences and why you shouldn't be afraid of the power of social media in the storytelling process.

    Ask Me Anything Sessions: A Look at the Fundraising Journey with Martin Basiri


    •  Mike Kirkup, Chief Technology Officer, Encircle
    • Martin Basiri, Co-Founder & CEO, ApplyBoard

    Join Mike Kirkup as he sits down with Martin Basiri, Founder and CEO of ApplyBoard to talk about his investment journey. Martin chats about his story and perspective on investment and answers audience questions.

      Ask Me Anything Sessions: Virtual Onboarding


      •  Chris Mulhall, VP Talent & Organizational Effectiveness, PointClickCare

      Join Chris Mulhall to discuss best practices for developing a successful virtual onboarding program. 

      Ask Me Anything Sessions: Pandemic-Proof Pitching


      •  Frank Erschen, Pitch Coach, Communitech

      During this chat, they'll cover:

      - How companies and funders reacted to the COVID-19 crisis vs. how they need to proactively plan for the future.

      - Rediscovering risk: cash is still king, but risk is queen (queen takes king!).

      - Business models and the new supply-demand paradox. Join us to find out what this means; hint: it’s important.

        Ask Me Anything Sessions: How to Stay Connected While Working Remote


        •  Pj Lowe-Silivestru, Communitech Growth Coach

        Companies are struggling to adjust to the impacts of COVID-19, in addition, they have to figure out the new landscape of remote working. Join PJ as she explores how to stay focused on sales and marketing, product development and employee productivity while all (or most) employees work remotely. She'll take a look at some of the areas affected by this new reality and share how companies can succeed with remote workers.

        Partnerships, Talent and Resilience in the United Kingdom

        As the world settles into the new normal, many opportunities are emerging both here and in the United Kingdom.

        Come meet your local partners from DIT, Invest Northern Ireland and Communitech Outposts who can help navigate your company's growth into the market, and hear from Canadian business leaders about their own journey into the UK.

          The State of Startup Talent


          • Marianne Bulger, CEO of Prospect.  

          Marianne Bulger discusses the state of talent demand, and loss, in our national workforce, and what Prospect’s job market data is telling us about where we might be headed as an innovation economy.

          COVID-19 Customer Success 


          • Craig Wahl, Communitech Growth Coach.  

          Craig Wahl answers questions related to customer experience and COVID-19 and covers topics such as:

          • Messaging to and managing your customers in these constantly changing times.
          • Why, what and how to measure your customer engagement.
          • How to address the new ways of working with your customer facing teams.

          COVID-19 Cash Flow


          • JD D'Elia, finance executive and Communitech Growth Coach. 

           Catered toward companies new to cash flow planning or in the early stages of their cash flow planning journey, this session includes an introduction to key concepts and provides direction on how to build or enhance your company's cash flow model. 

          COVID-19 HR Workshop


          • Evan Campbell, Associate at Miller Thomson.
          • Suzanne Hyatt, HR Executive and Communitech Growth Coach.
          • Nancy Buck, Executive HR Strategist and Communitech Growth Coach.

          Hear HR insights from each expert individually, then jointly as they tackle questions on topics from working from home and employee morale to sick policies and possible layoffs. 

          Sales and marketing


          • Chad McCaffrey, Communitech Sales & Customer Success Growth Coach & CRO at Meya.
          • Heather Galt, Communitech Marketing Growth Coach & VP of Marketing at P&P Optica.

          Struggling to figure out how your sales and marketing strategy needs to change during this strange period in our history? Wondering if maybe COVID-19 presents a new opportunity for you? Get ideas on how to adjust your sales and marketing activities during this time. 

          Managing Revenue Operations during COVID-19

          As the world settles into the new normal, many opportunities are emerging both here and in the United Kingdom.

          Come meet your local partners who can help navigate your company's growth into the market, and hear from local business leaders about their own journey into the UK.


          • Latham French, Investment Officer, with the Department for International Trade.
          • Michael Barton, Regional Director, Trade & Investment, with Invest Northern Ireland.
          • Azhar Janjua, Head of Communitech Outposts, Communitech.

          Fireside chat:

            • Lisa Grogan, CEO Overlap Associates.
            • Jason Cassidy, CEO ShinyDocs.
            • Ben Sainsbury, CEO Marion Surgical.  

          Enhance Your Candidate Experience with Video

          Presented by Sarah Solecky, Talent Acquisition Lead, Vidyard.

          Struggling with how to create a remarkable candidate experience in our new virtual/work from home landscape? In this session we are going to chat about getting creative as brand ambassadors, how to focus on connecting with your candidates in a captivating manner, while ensuring you are hiring individuals who align with your company's vision and values. Our focus during this session is to provide insight on how to create 'white glove service' starting from the initial stages of when a job seeker applies to your posting while leveraging video throughout the entire recruitment process.

          The Virtual Interview

          With use of technology and some tweaks to your process, you can make authentic connections with your candidates and properly assess skills and fit. In this session we will answer your questions about how to conduct an effective and engaging virtual interview.