COVID-19 update: Still making great connections with P2Ps


While we may not have butts in seats at either of the Communitech hubs, we want you to know that we’re all still here and committed to helping you make great connections through our P2Ps. COVID-19 has brought many changes to the way we all do things, but the “how” we help you connect with your peers is really only slightly altered. 

Visit our COVID-19 Info Centre for the latest listing of P2Ps with up-and-running virtual sessions!


Communitech’s Peer2Peer groups help professionals in the Waterloo Region tech industry share challenges and lessons-learned in a friendly, informal environment. Peer2Peer groups provide an opportunity for individuals in similar roles or functions to exchange advice and best-practices information. Session formats include guest speakers, roundtables and workshops. 

Whether you work at a tech company or you hold a technical role in a non-tech company, there is bound to be a Peer2Peer group for you.


To sign up: Select a Peer2Peer below and click “Learn more”. You’ll need to create a free Meetup account in order to access content and upcoming dates.


Questions? Tyler Swabey is happy to help.

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  • Coaches P2P

    The Coaches P2P is designed to support International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coaches or those who are working towards ICF certification.

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  • Communitech Future of Work & Learning

    The introduction of accelerating global trends and technologies are requiring individuals, organizations, academic institutions and government to become more adaptable and resilient in order to survive and thrive. The talent gap is also widening as there is increased competition for innovative talent and a rising number of workers who are displaced due to automation. This Peer to Peer (P2P) group explores how the future of work and learning landscape is changing and ways in which individuals, organizations, academic institutions and government are going to have to adapt.

    Through these sessions we hope to understand how we as individuals will be impacted by these changes and how we can build a community of practise.

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  • Executive Assistants

    This group of dynamic multi-taskers work to develop and discover best practices to manage the complexities of their roles.

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  • Fierce Founders

    The Fierce Founders P2P is a space for female founders to connect each month to work through challenges together, learn from one another and other leaders in the Toronto-Waterloo tech ecosystem.

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  • Finance Professionals

    CFOs and finance teams share ideas and solutions on managing a tech company’s bottom line.

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  • Startup Founders P2P

    First Thursdays for Startups is a space for the KW startup ecosystem to connect each month to network, work through challenges together and grow. (And eat pizza).

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  • Government Relations P2P

    Community of practice for the Government Relations profession.  Contact Jessica Dupuis via the button below.

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  • HRnet (application process)

    Tech HR personnel focus on finding, keeping and developing talent. This group has led human resources initiatives for the local tech sector.

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  • Job Seekers Connex

    Provides resources to expand job seekers’ skills related to brand management, interviewing, resume development and networking. This group is open to everyone in the Waterloo Region community looking for an opportunity in the tech sector (both tech and non-tech roles).

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  • Manufacturing and Operations

    Discuss approaches and process improvements geared towards optimization of manufacturing.

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  • PMConnect

    Project managers come together to share knowledge and information to stay ahead of the curve in their fast-paced world.

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  • Product Leaders

    A group for experienced Product Directors, VPs, CXOs etc. who manage product-focused people, teams, and departments. There are lots of Product related meetups, but there are none specially focused on bringing together and discussing topics specifically relevant to Product Leaders. i.e. experienced managers, directors, VPs, CXOs etc.) who work in Product related areas (Product Management, Product Marketing, Product Development etc.). None, that is, until now. If you're a Product Leader, then this group is for you.

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  • Product Management

    This interactive forum discusses product requirements to competitive analysis to release documents – everything from product conception to delivery.

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  • Sales Leaders

    This is an open forum meant for senior business development and sales professionals to discuss topics such as lead generation, closing deals, sales team training, and more.

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  • Tech Talent Talk (application process)

    Connecting those involved in direct recruitment or sourcing to create and leverage a stronger, more collaborate talent acquisition community across the Kitchener-Toronto tech corridor.

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  • uxWaterloo (limited partnership with IxDA)

    Welcomes anyone with an interest in user experience (UX), the practice of designing products that delight the people who will ultimately use them.

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  • Women in Technology

    We want to create a space for women to learn from each other and industry experts. We want you to leave each meetup feeling more connected to the other women in our community. We welcome everyone who identifies as a woman and is in a technical role (or has technical interests), or is in a non-technical role at a technical company.

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  • Working Parents

    The intention of this group is to create a safe space for working parents. A space where we can have honest and open discussions on the struggles, paint points and health concerns of being a parent in the workforce.

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Friends of P2P

These affiliate groups are not run by Communitech, however, we help them by providing cool space and awesome people.



Organizational approaches and best practices around agile project and product management, agile architecture and quality management.

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Customer Success Leaders

Focuses on growing the lifetime value of every customer relationship. We’ll focus on topics like maximizing customer retention, improving renewal rates and identifying up-sell opportunities. You’ll find value whether you are just starting a customer success program, you are a seasoned leaders or somewhere in between. This group is Waterloo Region’s official chapter of Gainsight’s Global PulseLocal Customer Success network.

Learn More

Digital Main Street Lab

Digital Main Street Labs is a Peer2Peer group that helps connect retail, hospitality, and restaurant tech startups to Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) in Waterloo Region to create innovative opportunities on a community scale. Digital Main Street is a program offered by the Waterloo Region Small Business Centre. Main Street business in Waterloo Region is rapidly changing and the Digital Main Street Labs aims to make Waterloo Region a leader in retail and hospitality innovation.

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Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in the Workplace

A group to connect companies in tech (and beyond) from the Kitchener-Waterloo area and provide a safe space to share insights, ideas and strategies to approach diversity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace. Meeting topics will be decided by group members based on interest and relevance to the group. The group will meet four times per year.

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Hacking Health Waterloo

Working to improve healthcare by connecting technology creators and healthcare professionals in Waterloo Region to collaborate on realistic, human-centric solutions to front-line problems.

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In-House Legal

For in-house counsel at tech companies in Waterloo Region.

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Indie Game Development

If you enjoy designing and developing games or apps. Whether your interest lies in Unity 3D, Eclipse Origins, Java, C#, Blender 3D, Photoshop or any other design medium; we welcome you!

Learn More

Keeping it Civil

A social networking group for Civil Engineers in the Waterloo Region

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Kotlin Waterloo

We are a group of Kotlin ( enthusiasts in the Kitchener/Waterloo region. We want to spread the word and share exciting experiences and knowledge about working with Kotlin.

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KW Content Strategists

Content Strategy means many different things depending on how you approach the term. This group aims to discuss the many aspects of Content Strategy so that we can all expand our understanding and ability to effectively create excellent content-related solutions. This group is for anyone wanting to discuss the different types of Content Strategy, or who want to learn how to apply Content Strategy in their organizations.

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KW Coworkers Collective

Meet other freelancers and entrepreneurs at various coworking spaces throughout Kitchener-Waterloo!

Learn More

Kitchener-Waterloo Quantum Technologies Enthusiasts

Kitchener-Waterloo Quantum Technologies Enthusiasts is a platform for those who are passionate about quantum science and technologies and eager to learn and share about quantum computation as well as other quantum technologies. The Kitchener-Waterloo region is quickly emerging as the quantum valley of the North and I am sure we can make it stronger by coming together. Help us build a great community of quantum science and technology enthusiasts who want to see the future of quantum engineering era today.

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KW Software Test Automation

Where Software Test Automation professionals, and aspiring, connect, discuss, share, expand their knowledge, and ultimately help each other grow.

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Life & Health Sciences

Learn about other companies who are developing innovative products and programs.

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Tech marketing leaders share ideas and best practices on relevant topics like branding, advertising, promotions, publications, metrics, social media and more.

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Python (Collaboration effort between WatPy – Waterloo Python Users Group and Communitech)

Where developers, managers, researchers and enthusiasts come together to learn more about the diverse language of Python.

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Sales and Marketing Operations

A group for sales and marketing professionals in the KW area to share strategies, best practices and tips and tricks related to the marketing and sales stack. Share insights and crowdsource solutions to pipeline generation and tracking issues we all face.

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Technetium (Tc)

For technology professionals in the K/W area who are on the spectrum (autism spectrum disorder, Asperger’s, etc.).

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Technical Communication

Effective technical communication underpins everything a tech company does, from development to marketing to user support and engagement. This group addresses ways to communicate more effectively about technology, internally and externally.

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Technical Support Innovators

Grow as a thought leader, expand cross­-functional aspects of Customer Success and help build and maintain successful technical support organizations that scale to your customers’ demands.

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UX Book Club KW

Our philosophy is simple: a book, a discussion, a community, and a nibble. In small groups, we read and discuss UX and design-related books.

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Waterloo AWS User Group

A growing and dynamic community of users, developers and system engineers come together to learn, share ideas and talk best practices around Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Waterloo Region ISC2 Chapter CyberSecurity

WRISC2 chapter members and whoever is interested. A mix of roundtable meetings, presentations and group discussions.

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Young Sales Professionals KW

Our goal is to create a community for beginner professionals in KW. We feel that entry level sales reps such as BDR, SDR, and Jr Account Execs need a platform to not only connect with each other but learn and share with tech leaders.

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