Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that is accelerating the pace of change in tech like never before. AI is focused on the creation of intelligent machines that react and work like humans, including functions such as speech recognition, problem solving, and learning. It is advancing being applied across businesses, creating efficiencies and new opportunities.
Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals Bootcamp
In this two-day AI bootcamp you’ll experience a mix of in-class training, role playing and experiential exercises, interactions with AI subject matter experts, coaching during breakout sessions and feedback to steer your progress.

What you’ll learn:
This high-level overview of the field of AI begins with an orientation on terms and historical context so you can grasp the current state of the field, answering the question, “What is machine learning?”
Next is a more technical perspective to help you understand what machine learning is and what common types of machine learning are, while considering a variety of applications and use cases.
Lastly, we’ll walk through the general machine learning process and how it benefits business — you will be asked to apply your new knowledge in the context of your own business goals. We’ll wrap up with a discussion on AI ethics.
After this bootcamp, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between various types of AI learning approaches
  • Articulate why machine learning is important
  • Explain how learning systems support business processes and influence strategy
  • Order the steps of a machine learning process
  • Compose a high-level business plan that integrates AI into an organization

Who is it for?
This course is designed for anyone interested in exploring the fundamentals of AI and understanding its relevance across various sectors. Participants do not require a technical background as concepts will be explained in an accessible way.
How big is the class?
Maximum of 30 participants

Facilitated by: Vector Institute for AI

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