Data science uses analytical methods, processes, algorithms and systems to pull insights from data. It draws from many fields including math, stats and computer science and is one of the most sought-after skills in tech and tech-enabled companies today.
Data Science Fundamentals Bootcamp
This three-day data science bootcamp will teach you fundamental Python programming skills and a comprehensive overview of applied data science. It’s hands-on and use-case driven by design, so you will learn the concepts of data collection, data wrangling and predictive modeling as well as how to build an end-to-end data science project.
What you’ll learn:

  • How to set up Python for a data science environment
  • Python programming basics in hands-on labs
  • Common Data Science use cases
  • The lifecycle of an end-to-end data science project
  • Basic data manipulation using Python
  • Classification models for sentiment analysis
  • Information visualization using an open source dashboard tool

Who is it for? This course is designed for anyone interested in exploring the fundamentals of data science.
Your tech requirements for the bootcamp. For this bootcamp, we will be using Google Cloud. You’ll need to bring your own laptop for use at the bootcamp, including:

  • Chrome browser
  • Gmail account
  • Ability to connect to the internet using a WiFi connection

How big is the class? A maximum of 30 participants



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Facilitated by: WeCloudData

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