Introduction to Product Management Bootcamp
This course gives you a day-in-the-life experience of a product manager on an agile team. We’ll give an overview of the role and introduce you to practical tools to define, build, and launch a product.
Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The role of a product manager
    Scope, overview of the product life cycle and agile product management
  • Why this product?
    How to validate ideas with your customers and potential customers, as well as how to turn insights into product ideas
  • What is this product?
    How to make data-driven decisions, how to define and build a product, and effective communication with your stakeholders
  • How do we build this product in an agile environment?
    Write user stories and acceptance criteria, learn how to drive shared understanding on the team, how to plan and estimate, and tips on effective management of product backlogs

Who is it for? If you can think big while managing scope, have empathy for your customers and other stakeholders, love working with data, and are an effective communicator, then product management may be a great fit for you.
How big is the class? A maximum of 20 participants


Facilitated by: Powers Tech and Creative Associates

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Email the Communitech Academy
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