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Communitech Outposts

Communitech Outposts makes it easy and affordable for Canadian companies to tap into talent in more than 160 countries. As an “employer-of-record” service, Communitech Outposts assists Canadian companies in all sectors with payroll, benefits, severance and more.

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Get back to workspace

Post-pandemic return to office is scheduled for fall 2021. Here’s a framework and resources to help you plan and implement your new workspace normal.

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Growth Coaches
Partnership opportunities

Do you share a dedication to the Communitech mission? Are you looking to dive a little deeper into Waterloo Region tech? From single-event to long term, strategic partnerships, there are multiple ways to showcase your brand and support Communitech mission’s to help.

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Peer2Peer Groups

Communitech’s Peer2Peer Network helps professionals in the Waterloo Region tech industry share challenges and lessons-learned in a friendly, informal environment.

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Startup with Google

Access tools and best practices to get your startup off the ground or ramp up growth.

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Tech Life Benefits

Are you covered? TechLife is an affordable benefits and insurance program designed specifically for startups and scale-ups.

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Waterloo Region tech salary survey

Access accurate, local, validated data to help guide your talent strategy.

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