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Upcoming events

February 10 | 7 p.m. ET | Free
Virtual or in-person at the University of Waterloo’s Theatre of the Arts

Stay tuned for information on our next event featuring Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Canada 150 Research Chair in New Media in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University and leader of Digital Democracies Institute.

Past events

The Digital Frontier and Its Limits featuring Nicole Aschoff

November 8 | 5 p.m. ET | Free
Virtual or in-person at the University of Waterloo’s Theatre of the Arts

Silicon Valley companies have brought digital technology into every sphere of modern life. But, while big tech garners unprecedented power and profits, everyday existence becomes more and more entangled in the circuits of capital. To what end? What are the limits of the digital frontier?

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Nicole has a PhD in sociology from Johns Hopkins University and taught for several years at Boston University. She wrote her dissertation on capital mobility in the automotive industry and recently published a book called The Smartphone Society

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Professor O’Gorman leads collaborative design projects and teaches courses and workshops in the philosophy of technology at the CML, which is located at the Communitech Hub. The role of the CML is to disseminate a philosophy of “tech for good.”

Student respondents:

Neha Ravella (she/they)
MA in Experimental Digital Media, Dept. of English

Neha is currently working as a Research & Project Manager at Mozilla

Nolan Dey (he/him)
MASc and BASc in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo

Nolan is currently working as an AI Research Scientist for Cerebras Systems.

Sure you can build it. But should you?

What it means to be human (and humane)

Wanna talk about tech? Then you also have to talk about ethics. From data harvesting to the conflict minerals in our smartphones, critical thinking is shifting the momentum towards positive change – towards Tech for Good®.

Communitech has teamed up with the University of Waterloo to explore the ethical tech movement and encourage honest conversations about innovation from diverse perspectives. Each faculty at the University of Waterloo will co-host a techno-critical speaker with the Faculty of Arts. Speakers will ask the tough questions and will debate the status quo and promote an ethos of responsible innovation in the local tech ecosystem and beyond.

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