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Most recent Data Hub Session:

Introduction to Semantic Textual Similarity

Imagine having a smart assistant that can help you author, optimize, and manage your customer communications or one that could help you convert your business communications into highly personalized conversations, with minimal human expertise, to better engage your end users. Such assistants already do exist, and they harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to intelligently ingest, optimize, author, and manage all that critical content. What makes it all possible is a deep learning process for Semantic Textual Similarity, a natural language processing task that measures the degree to which two given content pieces are similar in meaning.

Join us for the next Data Hub Session where Atif Khan, Chahna Dixit, and Mahtab Ahmed will cover the following:

  • Brief introduction to Semantic Textual Similarity (STS) task
  • Monolingual and Multilingual semantic similarity classification
  • Challenges specific to STS
  • Training strategies for multilingual STS
  • Future extensions

About the speakers:

Atif Khan is the Vice President of AI and Data Science at Messagepoint, a provider of industry leading cloud-based CCM Software solutions for Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare and Print Service Providers. Atif is a seasoned visionary leader with the ability, insight and skills to imagine and craft creative solutions.

Chahna Dixit is an AI/ML research scientist at Messagepoint. She is an integral part of the MARCIE team, with her research and development activities sharply focused on the application of deep learning based techniques for natural language and image processing. Her latest research work, in collaboration with the University of Western Ontario, is in pursuit of finding universal content similarity models that are language and format agnostic.

Mahtab Ahmed is a doctoral candidate under the supervision of Dr. Robert Mercer at the University of Western Ontario. His Ph.D. research in the area of computational linguistics. He has been working closely with the MARCIE team, at Messagepoint, to innovate new deep learning based models suitable for measuring semantic similarity of text content.

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