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Data Hub space

The Communitech Data Hub is the best location for data-driven companies to start, grow and succeed.

The Data Hub continues to stay a-buzz beyond typical business hours. Here, we host educational events, skills development programs and workshops in addition to providing business advisory services and connecting companies to both funding and customers.


We provide 19,000 square feet (1,765 square metres) of working space for companies of all size and scale to focus on developing and deploying data-driven innovation products and services. Additionally, we have a number of different spots and open spaces that can be utilized by our tenants and the public for all types of events.

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Data concierge

Have a specific question? Or, not sure where to start? We can point you in the right direction and/or help you find public data sources. Even better, our data concierge can help you to discover and unlock the value of your own data. Our data concierge can:

    • Provide guidance in finding potential relevant data sources for companies.
    • Offer advice regarding the quality and compatibility of data against company objectives.
    • Advocate on your behalf to get a data set opened/released.
    • Work with partners in the connected and autonomous vehicles or internet-of-things space to gather data.
    • Provide access to an open HD map with multiple data layers.


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Data growth coaching

Get data growth coaching and seek advice from academics, technical professionals and business experts to solve your hardest problems as you work to scale. Our data growth coaches have been helping companies across Canada with projects such as data and advanced technology integrations, engineering and infrastructure development, model training/selection, production deployment and scaling. Coaches work with companies to first understand their unique needs and then offer customized guidance with the help of various subject matter experts. Our data growth coaches can provide help with:

    • Planning strategies around data acquisition, licensing, monetization, privacy, regulation and inventory tracking.
    • Building or scaling a data collection and analysis pipeline, using vendors, open sources, internet-of-things devices.
    • Migrating applications to the cloud, making use of next generation data centres and networking systems.
    • Model selection, training, enhancement across domains (including natural language processing, image recognition).
    • Analysis and visualization of time series, geospatial, panel or cross sectional data, including HD GIS and map information.
    • Accessing and working on testbeds (such as the 5G or Next Generation Network (NGN) testbeds).


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Navigating the data-driven landscape

Companies looking to leverage data to foster innovation face a myriad of roadblocks. By understanding these common pitfalls, you can better prepare your organization to set a strong foundation for data innovation. Do you have a lot of data but aren’t sure what to do with it? Download this whitepaper to learn about the common challenges companies face in leveraging their data and the initial steps you can take to advance your organization’s data innovation.

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Learn more about our technology platforms:

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