Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) for tech-driven companies

Technical IP – the process of filing patents – is now table stakes. It is necessary but not sufficient for success. Tech-driven startups and scale-ups in the knowledge economy must marry technical IP to both market IP and process IP to be able to succeed.

Our growth coaches and training will help your company move into a new realm for intellectual property, one where simply filing patents is not enough. A competitive environment where understanding of the market is an essential intellectual property as is the process to get a new technology to the market. 

In the innovation economy, companies need to see IP differently. The winners are the ones who embrace the creation of new forms of IP and are succeeding because of it. The ones who are not embracing the new IP are the ones that are stagnating and failing. 

We have experts in IP strategy to coach and work with you.

Build your IP strategy

Our Strategic Intellectual Property for Tech Leaders program is a series of five sessions for C-level leaders from late startup and scale-up companies. The scope of programming includes: 

Building an IP Strategy and Culture

This interactive session is geared towards CEOs, CTOs, or general counsel, covering the business of IP, the case for open science, and IP business strategy action plans.

IP Portfolio Building and Global Commercialization

IP Portfolio Building and Global Commercialization helps technology leaders understand how to approach patenting to maximize value and reduce costs, while building a globally competitive patent portfolio.

Protection of Trademarks and Branding

Trademarks are an important asset for any business. This session provides marketing leaders with strategies and tips to build, value, and protect brands; and helps them create a bridge between legal and marketing teams.

Leveraging and Defending IP Positions

Designed for CTOs and R&D leaders to help them understand how to protect and defend their IP positions both in Canada and abroad. Topics include licensing, court options, remedies, and the ins and outs of inter partes review.

Monetizing, Standards, Valuation, Insertion and Data Assets

Monetizing, Standards, Valuation, Insertion and Data Assets helps finance leaders understand how to see the value in the IP produced by their organizations. Topics include licensing, portfolio building, data strategies, and the effective monetization of IP.

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