Market intelligence

The latest information, trends and market data

Need some data for your business plan or investor pitch?

Thanks to our partnership with MaRS, qualified Communitech startups can access world-class market intelligence at no cost.

What's included:

  • Market research reports published by vendors covering ICT, Health and Cleantech
  • Data and statistics on consumer, industry and technology trends and market size 

What is not included:

  • Marketing lists (lead, mailing or target lists)
  • Pricing lists and pricing models
  • Statistics available from public sources such as Canadian and US business counts and census data at the provincial, state, city level
  • Private company financials
  • Custom IP and patent searches
  • Custom consumer demographics, market assessments or competitive landscape


MaRS market intelligence leverages world-class research firms, including:

*Limited access available for databases marked with an asterisk.

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