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Connect with the people, companies and organizations to solve the problems of tomorrow, today.

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Communitech events

Access events to help you connect and grow (many are discounted or free for Communitech members!)

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Data Concierge

Submit a request and we’ll help guide your search for data. If the data is not openly available, we’ll work with the appropriate parties to try to have it opened up.

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Engage the tech community

Not a tech company? No problem! Here are some ways to get involved with the local and national tech community.

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Future of Cities

A global pandemic — along with today’s profound technological, economic, environmental and societal shifts — calls for immediate re-thinking of how we design, operate, work and live in our cities. We have to make our cities smarter, more resilient, more efficient, and more livable. That will only happen by tapping into our connected age’s most powerful human tool, —collaboration.

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Get back to workspace

Post-pandemic return to office is scheduled for fall 2021. Here’s a framework and resources to help you plan and implement your new workspace normal.

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Talent strategy

Innovate with data

Access the data, technology and tools you need to tackle problems with markets behind them.

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Member2Member discounts

Grow your customer base and save money on purchases, services and rates from Canadian companies.

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Partnership opportunities

Do you share a dedication to the Communitech mission? Are you looking to dive a little deeper into Waterloo Region tech? From single-event to long term, strategic partnerships, there are multiple ways to showcase your brand and support Communitech mission’s to help.

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Peer2Peer Groups

Communitech’s Peer2Peer Network helps professionals in the Waterloo Region tech industry share challenges and lessons-learned in a friendly, informal environment.

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Privacy resources and services

Resources to help guide you through privacy regulations so you can stay focused on growing your business.

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