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Looking to hire talent in the U.S.?

Communitech Outposts can help with that.

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Great talent is everywhere. Scale faster. Hire global.

Communitech Outposts makes it easy and affordable for Canadian companies to hire employees in international markets.

You’ve got a scaling business

You’re ready to take it to the next level: international.

You’ve got customers waiting in the United States and the UK.

Business travel has changed

Between closed borders, health concerns and other restrictions, travel to conferences, trade shows and sales meetings is off the table.

That's where we come in

Use Communitech Outposts to hire the best in-country talent on your behalf.

It’s the easiest and most cost effective way to hire across any border.

Ready to expand to international markets?
Communitech Outposts gets you there faster with less risk. 

Save tens of thousands of dollars in set-up costs and save time by letting us do the work so you can focus on revenue.

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Available markets

Communitech Outposts is standing by to hire talent on your behalf in the United Kingdom and in more than 40 states in the United States. 

United States

United Kingdom

How it works

Communitech Outposts offers an Employer of Record Service.

We handle the complex back-office admin.

You find the right employee and we do the heavy lifting.


A: You do! Find the perfect candidate, negotiate their compensation, then Communitech Outposts hires the individual.

A: Today we operate in the United States and UK. We plan to expand to additional countries based on customer demand. 

A: Communitech Outposts engages leading benefit providers in each country to provide competitive group benefits.

A: Revenue flows directly from your customer to your company—facilitated by your in-country employee hired by Communitech Outposts.

A: We handle all of the above, but employees are paid based on your instruction.

Azhar Janjua

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