Sources of funding

Get the right kind of support for your business

Communitech helps you identify appropriate and attainable sources of funding and navigate the process. 

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Grants & funding

Leveraging our connections with public and private funding organizations, our funding concierge provides varying levels of detail, depending on your needs. From a high-level overview of programs and accessibility criteria to a deep dive into what’s right for you, we help you navigate the wild world of funding. 

Advisor is In: Government Funding

Thursday Weekly | 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. ET | Virtual

This 20-minute session is a high-level exploration of the funding available, as well as potential government funding opportunities that fit with your venture. Possible  outcomes may be further concierge service to introduce companies to contacts in a specific space and who may be able to go into more detail.


Communitech is connected to every major fund in Canada, and many in the U.S. Our network is always growing and expanding. Using our extensive investor network, we connect qualified companies to the right investors at the right time.

Don’t worry! We won’t send you in unprepared. Our business coaching will have you investor-ready when the time comes.

Capital Program Office Hours

Advisor is In: Capital Fundraising

Monday Weekly | 3:15 – 4:15 p.m. ET | Virtual

Book a 15-minute session for a high-level discussion on the capital funding options – typically dilutive – that might fit with your venture. A member of Communitech’s strategic capital team will answer your questions on the capital journey, pitch deck and investor outreach.

BDC and MaRS IAF Office Hours

Second Tuesday Monthly | 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. ET | Virtual

Book a 20-minute session to discuss funding opportunities, receive feedback and build relationships with BDC and MaRS IAF. Before the call, put together a few slides that give a quick overview of your company and what you are hoping to gain from your session.

Silicon Valley Bank Office Hours

Last Wednesday Monthly | 2 – 4 p.m. ET | Virtual

Book a 20-minute session with Laith Shukri of Silicon Valley Bank for a discussion about business/revenue models, finances, fundraising, scale and pitching (both audio and visual components). Come prepared with a few slides that detail your business and what you hope to gain from the conversation.

iGan Partners Office Hours

Quarterly | 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. ET | Virtual

iGan is Canada’s health technology VC investing in entrepreneurs to commercialize and scale their disruptive innovations. Are you a health technology company that is working towards proof of concept and market validation? Book a session.

Forum Ventures Office hours

Quarterly | TBD ET | Virtual

Looking for SaaS specific expertise, personalized mentorship and guidance from a fractional cofounder? Book a 20-minute session with serial entrepreneur, Jonah Midanik.

Cortex Design Office Hours

Email for Frequency Virtual

Cortex offers services in industrial design (with an emphasis on human factors and usability), mechanical engineering, electronics and PCB design, firmware development/embedded systems, regulatory and quality management, and manufacturing. Cortex Ventures also looks to invest in early-stage start-ups that are aligned with their mission/values.


With so many options out there, Communitech helps you borrow smart. Our advisors equip you with the information necessary and help you navigate the borrowing process.

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Communitech members can contact their Communitech Advisor or Founder Success Manager (FSM) to get started.

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