Communitech’s Strategic Growth Team is here to help you understand your business, commercialize your product and get to where you want to go. It’s free to join and all of our startups get a complimentary two-year Communitech membership.

Startups receive world-class coaching from our advisors and mentors, access to Communitech events at discounted prices (actually, they’re often free) and can leverage our network to connect with investors, peers and potential customers. When you work with us, you’ll be top-of-mind for funding opportunities and pitch competitions and will have access to training and workshops to help you scale.


We’re here to guide you, but we won’t hold your hand. Engaging with our Strategic Growth Team has its perks, but it’s like a gym membership—it only works if you take advantage of what’s offered.


Working with Communitech starts with joining our Strategic Growth Team. It’s free.

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In addition to the listing below, Communitech startups can access programming to help with customer acquisition, capital, talent, connections, workspace and more. A quick browse around the will show you all the ways Communitech can help.


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Questions? Corinna Luu is happy to help.

Onboarding Program Manager | Email Corinna or call 519-888-9944

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or call 519-888-9944

  • Business Fundamentals
    Best for: early-stage startups

    Get your ducks in a row. This multi-session program will help you develop a solid business foundation and mitigate risk within your startup.

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  • Communitech Edge
    Best for: early-stage startups

    Work in the heart of Waterloo Region tech with this six-month program that'll get you ready to onboard new customers, raise pre-seed funding and hire a great team.

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  • Communitech Rev
    Best for: late-stage startups & mid-size companies

    Communitech Rev drives highly-scalable startups to revenue success as quickly as possible.

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  • Fierce Founders
    Best for: Early and mid-stage startups

    Bootcamp: two-part, six day program culminating in a pitch competition of up to $100,000
    Accelerator: six-months of intensive mentoring with match funding

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  • Google for Entrepreneurs
    Best for: all startups & mid-size companies

    Communitech is on the Google for Entrepreneurs Tech Hub Network; this means free startup resources, invites to pitch contests and co-working space at home and abroad.

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  • Market Intelligence
    Best for: all startups

    Access the latest information, trends and market data at no cost.

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  • Mentorship
    Best for: all startups

    Our mentors have the knowledge to guide you, and the passion to push you.

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  • Pro Squad: Access Business Support
    Best for: all startups

    Our Pro Squad allows you to access trusted advice from business professionals without the need to shop around (or leave the Hub!)

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