Starting a company takes an idea; succeeding takes more.

Communitech’s Business Fundamentals program gives our startups the knowledge they need to grow with confidence and ensures the best chance at success.

Taught by industry experts, this program focuses on key business areas including product-market fit, accounting, HR & culture, risk avoidance, social media, governance and legal.

It’s easy to fixate on the product—without it, you have nothing to sell. Business Fundamentals gives startups a solid foundation in everything else, and helps mitigate the risks of growing too big too fast.

This program is exclusively for Communitech startups. Speak to your Communitech Strategic Growth Advisor to find out if this program is right for you. Session times to suit your schedule ensure you can complete all sections of the program.


Questions? Ashley Campbell is happy to help.

Strategic Growth Team Coordinator | Email Ashley or call 519-888-9944

Email Ashley
or call 519-888-9944