Communitech Bootstrap helps startups find early adopters and to validate their product efficiently and effectively.

You’re here because you’re ready to start your journey as an entrepreneur. You have the idea for “the next big thing” but you’re not sure where to start. Sound like you? Then Communitech Bootstrap is the program for you.


Communitech Bootstrap is designed to help you:

  • learn the Lean Startup methodology
  • build and document your unique sales process
  • meet potential customers
  • validate your business
  • get working with early adopters on your first pilot projects
  • accelerate your path to sales

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

We are looking for passionate and coachable founders that are committed to building their startup.


You’ll need to be:

  • A Communitech client with a lead advisor (not a member, join here)
  • The founder or co-founder of the startup
  • Have been incorporated for less than two years
  • Can visually communicate my product or service offering with a demo, prototype, blueprint, drawing, picture, document or wireframe

Program Duration

Offered: 3 times per year

Program Length: 3 months

Max Class Size: 12 companies

Total Class Time: 16 hours (8 classes – 2 hours per class)

Program Outline

What happens in class?
We believe companies learn more by doing so the presentation material short and sweet.
Next, we believe companies in the same stage learn from each other so we share stories and tactics.
Lastly, we spend most of the class getting $hit done with an experienced mentor available to give you hands-on advice.


A typical class looks like: 45 min class material + 45 min peer-to-peer + 30 min working session with hands-on advice.


Class 1: The Lean Startup Method
Class 2: Earning a Meeting With Your Customer
Class 3: The Problem Discovery Interview
Class 4: Value Proposition
Class 5: MVP and Proof of Concept
Class 6: Getting Commitment
Class 7: Marketing, Messaging, and Metrics
Class 8: Graduation and What Now?

Where you’ll end up

Every company’s path is different. With Communitech Bootstrap, you’ll leave the program in one of three ways:


  1. Prove that there is demand for your product by getting your first sale
  2. Become aware of a new opportunity and pivot your business to adapt
  3. Quickly learn that there is insufficient market demand for the solution at this time, saving you from spending money and time building something that no one will want to buy


Key Dates

  • Dec 13: Applications open
  • Jan 19: Applications close
  • Jan 26: Applicants are notified of results
  • Feb 5: First class / Kick off event
  • Apr 30: Graduation event


Applications are currently closed.


Questions? Ron Tingchaleun is happy to help.

Bootstrap Program Manager | Email Ron or call 519-888-9944

Email Ron
or call 519-888-9944