Communitech is dedicated to helping female founders start and scale their business. Through hands-on support from our growth coaches, customized programming to help your company grow, and access to a large network of other female founders we can help with everything from A to She.

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Fierce Founders Intensive Track


The Fierce Founders Intensive Track helps female-founded companies build out a growth plan to scale faster. Participating companies will receive hands-on support from our experienced growth coaches to execute a customized growth plan. The strongest growth plans will qualify to receive matching seed funds of $50,000 from the Federal Economic Development Agency of Southern Ontario.


Intensive Track criteria:


  • I am a female founder of a tech or tech enabled company based in southwestern Ontario.
  • I have less than $5 million USD in investment.
  • My team has a balance of both technical and business expertise.
  • I am a Communitech member who has been engaged with my CSM (Advisor) for at least six months.
  • I am able to prove matching funds of at least $50,000 at the time of acceptance into the program (Funds from another government grant cannot count towards the matching amount).
  • My product is in market and generating revenue.
  • I have a plan to navigate the COVID 19 pandemic, which will help better position my company for success.
  • I have product market fit and have defined my ideal customer profile, along with a mapped out customer journey.


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Fierce Founders Bootcamp


This incredibly popular and successful program is open to female entrepreneurs with a tech-driven company that have either successfully launched their MVP or are close to doing so. Each cohort consists of 25 participants who will each receive personalized hands-on mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and subject matter experts who will help them build out their business model and refine their company pitch. At the end of it all, $100,000 in case and prizes will be awarded to the winner (or winners) … how’s that for fierce?




About Communitech

Our Hubs are the places we call home and clubhouses for the Waterloo Region tech community. Within our 120,000+ square feet, we bring together key players—from startups and global brands, to government agencies, academic institutions and tech incubators—to create an environment like no other in the world.

Communitech Hub, Kitchener

Focused on world-leading collaboration and innovation, the Hub is buzzing well beyond typical business hours. It plays host to events, special guests and other shenanigans, serves as collaborative office space for a mix of tech and non-tech companies, and offers drop-in space for guests.


Communitech Data Hub, Waterloo

Located in Uptown Waterloo, the Communitech Data Hub is our second home and a gathering point for the Region’s data-driven tech community. It’s a collaborative space in a heritage building at the heart of the Data District.


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