Are you ready to level up? Companies that have built out their product and are starting to target their first group of customers are invited to participate in our Level Up Pitch Panel. Accepted applicants will get the opportunity to pitch their businesses to our team of advisors.
Your success at the Level Up Pitch Panel opens new doors. When you level up, you’ll get access to a dedicated Communitech advisor, capital services, one-to-few programming and potential access to growth coaches dedicated to helping you grow.
Apply now for the Level Up Pitch Panel. Take your startup to the next stage.
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How do you know you’re ready to pitch?
You can confidently and thoroughly answer questions like these.
That’s me – now what?
You are ready to showcase the progress you’ve made around your product development and user testing by pitching to a panel of our team members and growth coaches. Following your pitch, one of two things will happen; you may be provided with some takeaway work for you to complete after which you will return to the pitch panel or, you will advance to a level of service that would provide you with access to in-person advisory time, capital services and one-to-few programming. Either way, you’ll get some great feedback from a team of experts and advisors.
You can find a sample pitch deck here. When you are ready, the application to pitch is waiting for you here. Pitches will be held once per month for up to six qualified companies.

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