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Want to make $5,000 in one day, legally?

Code/Design to Win is exactly what it sounds like, two completely different competitions with two ginormous grand prizes and several less substantial (but significant) cash rewards. If you’re a student who loves computer science, programming or product design and attend one of the many participating schools, this is a challenge for you.


How does one apply?


First, you’ll have to write the preliminary challenge (don’t worry, you got this). Your next opportunity will be in Fall 2018! The top students will be invited to the Communitech Hub in Waterloo Region in January 2019 to participate in the finals, meet with some really great companies, and have your shot at taking home $5,000!


Am I eligible to participate?


Are you a post-secondary student that is currently enrolled in classes, on co-op or internship? Awesome! You can use a “challenge accepted” GIF and start on the path to coding and design glory.


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For any unanswered questions, check out our FAQ.


Who owns the IP?


Rest assured, your ideas are yours and you own what you create.


On the fence? Check out 2015’s event:




Questions? Tina Wilton is happy to help.

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Email Tina
or call 519.888.9944