Compensation data 

Accurate, local, validated data to help guide your talent strategy.

Waterloo Region tech salary survey

Communitech, along with our friends at BenchMarket, is on a mission to shed light on compensation, recruitment and retention policies in Waterloo Region tech.

Access to this data allows your company to compare current policies to benchmarked figures within the region, province and country. 

Discounted access for Communitech members

Data is available for those who participate in the survey. In exchange for completing the survey, you get discounted access to reliable compensation insights and complimentary access to historical data.

Reports are released bi-annually in May and November and include:

  • Defined salary and roles by tech job levels and job families
  • Stock options, bonus and incentives, vacation, health and wellness, COVID-19 impact, and more
  • Standard career path progressions (Entry to CEO)

Learn more & sign up

Once you sign up, BenchMarket guides you through the process from start to finish; they’re very friendly and are happy to help you along the way.

Option Impact: Access the largest pre-IPO survey for free

With over 4,000 participating companies, Option Impact is the largest pre-IPO survey specific to venture-backed startups. Your participation will enable you to access cash & equity data across all levels and roles at no cost. Getting started is easy:ent policies to benchmarked figures within the region, province and country. 

  1. Sign up for an account here.
  2. Watch the instructional video.
  3. Complete your data input.
  4. Choose the standard QA review for $0 access within 21 days.

Key Benefits

  • 4,000+ companies participating, the largest pre-IPO survey specific to venture backed startups
  • Base salary, bonus, and % total equity on executives, staff and BOD data
  • Automated custom benchmark analysis for all employees

Global Compensation Data

Option Impact has partnered with Comptryx to provide subscribers access to a Global Data Package for a fee of $2000 per year. Comptryx is a public company salary survey with an impressive customer list of premier technology firms. Find out more or request a demo here

Please email or call 415.362.2200 if you have any questions.

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