Edge helps you build sales.

Communitech Edge is designed for validation-stage companies who have a product in the market, have paying customers and are generating $1K-$5K MRR. Edge is best for companies that are ready to start building out their sales process and team.

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Minimum eligibility criteria

  • Product in market (customers using solution)
  • Paying non-affiliated customers generating $1K – $5K MRR
  • Team includes technical and business skill sets
  • Re-locate to the Communitech Hub in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada for six months
  • You have a minimum of six months runway

Program duration

Offered: two times per year, next cohort November 2018
Program Length: Six months
Max Cohort Size: Ten companies
Minimum required meeting time:

  • 60-minutes/bi-weekly with Lead Growth Coach
  • 30-minutes/bi-weekly with Lead Advisor

Where you’ll end up

Every company’s path is different. With Communitech Edge, you’re working towards:

  1. Be able to extend runway of company by 12 months via revenue or funding
  2. Be able to set up an office in co-working space at the Communitech Hub, Communitech Data Hub or in another office space
  3. Hire your first salesperson
  4. Revenue at $5K – $10K MRR
  5. Be a candidate for the Rev Accelerator program in six to 12 months

Applications are due by October 14 2018 at 11:59 pm
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Questions? Ryan Hanes is happy to help.

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