Waterloo Region, November 9, 2015 – A new group of tech startups has kicked off its first week with Communitech Rev, an accelerator focused on sales generation.


After a successful inaugural cohort with eight out of ten companies graduating—three of which were awarded funding at Rev Centre Stage in October—the accelerator has evolved its programming based on feedback from graduates, mentors and other stakeholders.


Rev remains a six-month program, but will now have staggered cohorts of up to five new companies every three months. Companies will focus on building and refining their process for the first three months, followed by three months in which companies execute on what they’ve learned and mentor companies in the cohort behind them.


The second Rev cohort includes:


  • BluePoint Technology, whose product, Kindera, allows parents to supervise their home Internet from their smartphone. Kindera is a wireless router that parents install in their home to manage their children’s online activities through an easy-to-use web service.


  • Knowledgehook, a cloud-based math software which helps teachers and school boards enhance two of the most well-researched ways of improving student achievement outcomes: increasing student engagement with the material and helping teachers implement a strong formative assessment process.


  • FunnelCake, which provides B2B marketers with insights into marketing influence across their entire funnel. FunnelCake aggregates data from existing sales and marketing apps, like Google Analytics, Twitter, HubSpot and Salesforce. This helps marketers make decisions faster with more accurate data, prove ROI for marketing activities, and accelerate deal velocity by improving conversions at each stage of the funnel.


  • TallyFi, which has built a high-tech replacement for the mechanical counter used to count people at nightclubs, festivals and events. Their purpose-built hardware is used by security staff and provides real-time statistics of entrances and exits, along with time-stamped logging and deep analysis of past data.


Companies will be provided consulting and coaching from sponsors Canon and Deloitte. They will also be advised by a team of Executives-in-Residence (EIRs), including Heather Galt, former VP of Marketing at Kik Interactive; Daryl Sherman, serial entrepreneur focusing on commercialization and sales with a diverse background in the life sciences, medical, and consumer packaged goods sectors; Jeff Fedor, specializing in product and design and has more than 20 years’ experience in startups and software as founder of Covarity and co-founder of Ardesic and ParkVu; and Steve McCartney, VP of the Startup Services Group at Communitech, a leadership expert whose previous roles include President and CEO at Bering Media Inc., Partner at Tequity Inc., and President and CEO of Atria Networks LP.


“We’re excited to bring customized sales and marketing coaching to the new cohort,” said Marylin Ma, Rev program manager. “This is driven by dedicated domain expert EIRs who will work with the unique challenges of each company and customize relevant learning sessions.”


“Building off of feedback from the companies in the first cohort, we will closely follow each company’s progress, analyzing where things are working and where things are breaking down. The goal of this approach is to drive the companies to be focused on rapidly refining and optimizing their sales and marketing engines.”


For more information and to apply for the next cohort, beginning April 2016, visit www.communitech.ca/rev.


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