Waterloo Region/Toronto, August 20, 2015- The Canadian Open Data Exchange (ODX) is pleased to announce a partnership with ThinkData Works, embedding their Namara.io platform into the ODX website. This platform will provide access to Canada’s open data to Canadian companies, researchers and the public.


This is the first phase of initiatives ODX is implementing to create awareness that the data exists and can be used in the larger community.


“Open data represents a significant market opportunity. But, like other natural resources, supply chains must be built to create value,” said Kevin Tuer, ODX Managing Director. “The Namara.io platform will provide a significant advantage to Canadian companies.”


The ODX site will allow users to search, discover, and access open data to inform market-driven solutions to real world problems.


“Open data has not, to date, necessarily meant accessible data. Governments across the country are beginning to release high value data, yet there remains a significant need to process and standardize this data in order to allow businesses and citizens to connect to what they find relevant,” said Bryan Smith, CEO of ThinkData Works. “Working with the ODX, we can standardize access and connect directly to the community of users to help solve the problems they face.”


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Samantha Clark

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About Open Data Exchange


ODX is a public-private-academic partnership based in Waterloo Region serving all of Canada. The initiative presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to multi-national companies to be a global leader in the commercialization of open data. Founding partners include University of Waterloo, D2L (Desire2Learn), CDMN (Canadian Digital Media Network), OpenText and Communitech— with funds matched by the Government of Canada.



About ThinkData Works


ThinkData Works of Toronto created Namara.io to decrease barriers to accessing open data, allowing users to easily browse data released by all levels of government. By opening up access to data related to sectors such as transportation, education, and health care, Namara.io helps app developers, civil society organizations and businesses solve urban problems in innovative ways. Along with the large inventory of data provided by the ODX, users will have access to a database of over 40 cities.