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Where companies pitch job seekers – it’s our jam!

Go big, but stay home. Find your next job without leaving your kitchen table, couch, bed, balcony, bathroom (OK, that’s where we draw the line).

Communitech's Tech Jam has been a national launching pad for companies with open roles and job seekers since 2015. It transformed into Communitech's Tech Jam From Home in 2020 and quickly became one of the biggest virtual job fairs and networking events in Canada. The last Tech Jam From Home had 2,777 open roles and 1,202 job seekers.  

Canadian companies of all sizes participate by hosting virtual booths and showcasing their open roles. Job seekers attend to check out both tech and non-tech positions, learn more about participating companies, attend live video sessions, chat in real-time with company reps and ask questions about role requirements, culture, and more.

Missed the last Tech Jam? Don’t worry, we’re doing it again in October 2021.

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FAQ for Job Seekers

Job seekers can see a list of companies participating in Tech Jam From Home. Each company has a virtual booth page that tells job seekers more about the company, their open roles and links to their company career page. Every company has a different approach to connecting with you during the event. Some will want to chat virtually with candidates and others will use the opportunity to collect resumes and follow up with candidates afterwards. Either way, companies are there to find talent and want to hear from you, so do not hesitate to reach out and say, “Hi!” 

Come prepared like you would for a traditional job fair. Research companies and job openings ahead of time to make the most of the event. You can view information on the companies hiring and the roles available. Spend some time getting to know the organizations and what they are looking for ahead of the event, so you can ask more focused questions when chatting with the company. This will help you assess whether the company or job is a right fit before you apply. 

  1. Make yourself available for chat by selecting “manage your chats” in the top right hand corner and place yourself in line to chat within one of the booths of your choice.
  2. By entering the booth of your choice and clicking the green chat button. You will be notified when a rep becomes available.
  3. You can add a greeting when a new chat connection is made by clicking “Greeting” on the top of your chat screen.
  4. When your chat has ended, you can send your representative a final thought, as well as rate the representative and add notes about your conversation for your own record keeping.
  5. Once you’re done, and ready to move to your next chat, click “Finish” to choose another booth to chat in.

Want more information, watch this handy dandy video! 

Please be patient with our company representatives – there are only 4-5 per virtual booth and hundreds of job seekers at the event. You may be placed onto a waitlist to speak with a company representative. We recommend sending the company a note telling them about yourself in one sentence, share a link to your LinkedIn profile and let them know you want to chat. This will provide them with the information they need to reach out to you after the event if you do not get a chance to speak with them. Don’t forget that you can still visit the company’s careers page and apply online!

Video-chatting during this event is at the discretion of the company. Some companies have opted in to this function and some have not. During your text chat you may also be invited by the representative to video or audio chat. You will have the option to accept the invitation to begin video or audio chatting, or to decline and continue the text chat.

To engage in a video or audio chat with a representative, enter the booth as you normally would and begin chatting through text. When the representative invites you to an audio or video chat, you’ll see a notification pop up on your screen asking if you’d like to accept or decline the invitation.

Yes, you will be able to control the maximum number of simultaneous chats you are in, based on your comfort level and preference at any given time.

You will be able to participate in up to 4 simultaneous chats if that option is given.

To set or edit a greeting, click “Edit” next to greetings in the top-left area of the chat screen. Type your greeting, and then click save. The greeting will be automatically sent when a new chat begins, and will appear on the transcript. Use the below placeholders in your greeting to automatically include the connection’s name or your own email address:

  • [theirFirstName] – the other person’s first name
  • [theirLastName] – the other person’s last name
  • [myEmailAddress] – your email address

When a new chat invitation arrives, it will automatically appear on the screen, regardless of whether you are already engaged in a chat. If you are already in a chat, the new chat will appear on the left sidebar and be marked as "New." Additionally, an audible “ding” will be sounded to notify you of a new invitation if you are not currently on the screen. 

Only information that you have chosen to submit in the event registration form will be visible during one-on-one chats. If a registration form field is not required, then you have the option to leave it blank.

Registration forms are always unique to an event and you will be required to fill one out for every event you attend. These forms compile information for your personal profile during an event. To learn more about what booth representatives can see about you, click here

No, companies are welcome to post jobs that have a physical location, are remote, or both. Companies are participating from across Canada, so please check each job posting for the location and remote work details.

Job postings and company career pages will be linked in each company’s virtual booth. You can also explore and for more opportunities.

The event has been divided into three sessions broken down by job function and type. Please attend the session that most aligns to the type of role you are looking for. However, if that time does not work with your schedule or you are looking for roles across functions, feel free to attend during one of the other sessions. Schedule is as follows: 

12 – 3 p.m. | Session for technical roles 

3 – 4 p.m. | Session for marketing/design/sales roles 

4 – 5 p.m. | Session for support roles 

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