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Communitech helps change your pace of innovation

Founded by tech entrepreneurs to help ensure the future prosperity of Canada, Communitech has supported the local and national community of tech for more than two decades. We work with companies of all sizes, from emerging startups to global brands; our reach and influence spans all levels of government and academia; working collectively has always been, and continues to be, the best way to get things done.

In short, Communitech connects you with the right people, tools and resources to help you survive and thrive in the age of uncertainty and change.

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Connect with the right people, organizations and companies to solve the problems of tomorrow, today.

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Innovation Labs

Position your brand in the heart of our innovation clubhouse. Dedicated to entrepreneurship and collaboration, and a haven for world-class tech talent, it’s an environment like no other in the world.

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Access customized tools, coaching and programs to help develop your unique innovation strategy.

Communitech Tech Talks

Communitech Tech Talks are exclusive and timely conversations about growth and prosperity.

Watch videos and read reports from key players on topics impacting Canadians, our communities, our companies, our workforce and our economy. 

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You're in good company

We’ve helped some of the world’s biggest brands on their way to becoming adaptable organizations; those that can quickly sense and act on signals of change, adjust their business priorities or models effectively and survive and thrive in the age of disruption.

These are just some of the brands who have sharpened their competitive edge with us.

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“I think there's something really special going on here at Communitech. We have operations in 140 countries around the world; we're a very global company. And I can tell you, from travelling around like I do, that there's something very special going on here.”

- Jim Smith, CEO, Thomson Reuters


Bridgit reaps big gains amid COVID-19 crisis
Bridgit reaps big gains amid COVID-19 crisis

When the COVID-19 virus settled in, Bridgit, the Waterloo Region maker of project management software for the construction industry, noticed its product was getting a lot more traction – try 72 per cent… (click here to read more)

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Politics key to taming big tech: Tim Bray
Politics key to taming big tech: Tim Bray

“Good old-fashioned politics” is the avenue to achieve change and make big tech companies behave better, says Tim Bray, the former Amazon vice-president who resigned in May over the tech giant’s firing… (click here to read more)

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$1-million Leaders Prize winner to be named Sept. 10
$1-million Leaders Prize winner to be named Sept. 10

Fake news, prepare to be exposed. And if you’d like to put the day of reckoning in a calendar, Sept. 10 would be the relevant date. That’s the day the winner of the $1-million Leaders Prize will be announced,… (click here to read more)

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