Get back to work[space]!

With restrictons lifting, more and more businesses are returning to their physical workspace. 

Are you ready? Readiness depends on whether you’ve made some key decisions, got the tech, put the policies in place, done the health/safety stuff, figured out asynchronous work… DON’T PANIC! 

We got you

First, you don’t have to have everything right now; you’ve got time to make decisions and take progressive steps towards “The Return.” (Cue alien music.) Second, there’s a framework developed by companies right here in Waterloo Region – all members of the Future of Work and Learning Coalition – intended to help firms know what to consider, in what order now and over the long term. Finally, you’re not alone and there are lots of resources to help you create your new normal. Other founders, companies and experts here, across Canada and around the world have created plans, processes and playbooks you can leverage. You can find all that content right here and use it to inform or guide your own planning!

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What’s in it for you

Everyone has been struggling during this pandemic. It’s been sad, crazy and stressful. It’s been confusing. As we begin to open up, this framework and collection of content will help you carve a “new normal” that works for your organization so you can maximize productivity; ensure health and safety; maintain culture, brand and employee satisfaction; and meet your customer and market needs.

Start here

  • This document gives you an overview of your main considerations as you move forward in your work and workspaces. Start here, get your brain fired up.
  • Not sure what to tackle first? We’ve put together a checklist to help you create your return to office plan.
  • Are return-to-office health and safety mandates making you lose sleep at night? Here are Communitech’s Return to the Office Playbook and COVID safety plan to get you thinking. 

Looking for space? We have you covered.

Our Hybrid Hub model offers safe, flexible workspace in the heart of the Waterloo Region tech community.

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A framework for designing remote and hybrid work

Things are moving fast; vaccination rates are high and the idea of return-to-office (RTO) is looming. It’s not too late to plan, implement, test and refine thoughtful back-together workplace strategies that make sense for your organization in the near-term, post-pandemic work world. 

This is a simplified version of the framework. Each of the steps has implications for your space, your people, culture, processes and technology. Think of this framework as an iterative tool you can use to strategize, decide, implement, test and repeat as needed. As the future of work continues to change, you’ll already have the tools you need to continuously evolve and adapt your work environments and employee experiences.

The content

The Communitech team has been working with organizations across the Region to understand the future of work, new learning opportunities and the implications of the pandemic for member companies. The content here is developed in collaboration with the Future of Work & Learning Coalition, gathered from partners across Canada, and informed by Peer2Peer Groups and company leaders within the ecosystem.

We’ve selected the most relevant and/or best content based on its appropriateness for ecosystem firms. It’s intended to arm member companies with information on best practices, ideas and things to think about when we “get back to work.” It’s here to help you succeed now and in the future. 

Come back! There will be more added all the time!

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