Get back to work[space]!

Step 1: Review business strategy and talent needs

The office is no longer the only place where work takes place. In the last year-and-change, you’ve had to adapt to external mandates, change on the fly and work differently. As we “open up,” you have the opportunity to review and design (or re-design) your new normal. 

  1. Examine the strategic value of “place” in your business and market strategies, talent attraction/retention, operations and goals. How does location impact or align with your business priorities?
  2. Think about your teams and how they support and/or impact your strategy, operations or desired outcomes. Are there activities or teams that must be co-located in order to fulfil business needs? Are there some who can stay remote?
  3. Consider individuals and how you will make a place for those who a) cannot co-locate in space (or time) for personal or health reasons, and b) where and how you will add new talent to the organization?
  4. Consider how you’ll measure success. What key performance indicators (KPIs) do you currently use? What other measures (e.g., employee satisfaction) might indicate success?

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