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Step 2: Select work approach

You and your Tiger Team (Rowr!) have done some thinking about strategy, operations and people. Now it’s time to think about the locations, spaces and places where work will occur. 

You have options

“Where” is a continuum from totally virtual to completely in person. Each work approach has considerations across your organization and more/less impact. For instance, if you’re 100% co-located your health and safety considerations will be high. If you’re all-remote, your needs around managing asynchronous work will be high, but your physical health/safety concerns will be low.

graphic of a talent acquisition scale

  • 100% Co-located: everyone works in the same location(s)
  • Remote allowed: most people work in the same space, others may work in different locations based on nature of work, role, personal circumstances, etc.
  • Hybrid: people work remotely, in the same location or use other spaces (like the Communitech Hybrid Hubs… hey, it’s an option!)
  • Remote biased: most people work remotely, but synchronize work schedules around a specific time zone (e.g., 9-5, Eastern Time)
  • All remote: everyone works remotely, there are no specifications around the time-of-day or time zone when work can occur

This is a good time to think about when you’ll implement your desired work approach. Remember, you have time to transition to your end-goal work approach, that means you can create and roll-out in stages. For instance, try hybrid as you move towards co-located. 

You can also reference this document and the criteria listed under the “talent acquisition implications” section to help you make decisions about remote, co-located or hybrid work.

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