Startups and scale-ups

From idea to IPO, we help tech companies at all stages of growth

The Communitech Founder Services team is here to help you understand your business, commercialize your product and get you where you want to go.

We can help you:

  • Shape your talent strategy, connect you to new talent and develop your existing team.
  • Find the right sources of capital for your business.
  • Understand your market and grow customer base.
  • Connect you to the people and networks to help you.
  • Start and grow your medtech company.

“Communitech is a resource for tech companies in the Waterloo Region, helping them to scale revenue and increase international sales by providing mentorship and connections. Any early-stage tech company and especially a first-time entrepreneur would be remiss in not leveraging these resources to their fullest.”

Carol Leaman, President & CEO, Axonify


We’re here to help you understand your business, commercialize your product and get you where you want to go. Our team of experts works with you to shape your talent strategy, find the right sources of capital, help you understand your market and connect you with an amazing network – from Waterloo Region to the world.

We offer three tiers of services based on your stage of business.

  • Early-stage startups are firming up ideas and working toward building an MVP.
  • Late-stage startups have a product and some revenue or proof of market demand.
  • Scale-up companies have more than 20 employees and a product as a primary source of revenue.

We work with you to figure out your next steps, guide product development, start building your team and connect into the tech ecosystem in Waterloo Region. Early-stage startups get:

With a dedicated lead advisor, you will find new market opportunities, build your team and develop their skills, and start raising capital in Canada and beyond. Late-stage startups get:

We work with you to build your org structure, learn how to scale your culture and develop a repeatable sales strategy that you can use to expand into new markets. Scale-up companies get:

Membership for tech and tech-driven startups is tiered by your number of employees.

  • Startups getting off the ground with less than 20 employees receive membership for free.
  • Scale-up memberships start at $2,000 per year plus HST with 21-40 employees. See our Membership page for the full breakdown.


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