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Canada’s leading tech ecosystem, Waterloo Region has a track record of future-forward ingenuity (we invented search, the smartphone and blue-bin recycling), and thousands of amazing new companies continue to invent the future in everything from robotics to AI and human-computer interaction. 

We respect and encourage diversity, curiosity and collaboration; we make big bets on science, tech, creativity and innovation; and we do it together to create a better community, country and world.

We Built This: Video series

Check out some of the amazing companies that have come out of Waterloo Region's tech community.

Tech of all sizes

Our tech community is a collection of locally-grown companies and brands from around the globe who have chosen to land here and be part of the action. From scrappy startups, to rapidly-growing scale-ups and large global brands, we’re home to tech of all sizes. 

597 startups

188 scale-ups

144 corporates

Source: Communitech FY2020

Brands active in our community

Build your career in Waterloo Region

We pull together

In Waterloo Region, collaboration is the name of the game. It was the case in the early 1900s when the community would come together to build each others’ barns; it was the case in the early 2000s in the wake of the dot-com bubble; and it's the case today when faced with any sort of challenge. 

The most recent example? Acting collectively through acts of love, compassion and giving, Waterloo Region is using its superpower to get through the time of COVID-19 together.

We’re working hard to be future-ready

If 2020 has told us anything, our world has to be ready for change. As a community, we band together to ensure Canada remains prosperous as our world evolves and changes. 

Through collaboratives like the Future of Work & Learning coalition, the Future of Health and the Future of Retail, we bring people, companies, organizations and academia, together to help solve the problems of tomorrow, today. 


We're a diversified economy

In addition to our tech companies, our ecosystem is enriched by strong industries from food and beverage to automotive and manufacturing. 

We support each other

A huge variety of meetups, events and peer groups exist here, allowing people to come together, learn from each other and make some friends in the process. Whoever you are and whatever your schedule, you’re bound to find the right fit.

We're set to give you the skills for tomorrow

We’re home to three of the most-respected post-secondary institutions in Canada, complemented by specialized programming to help you keep up with our evolving workforce.  

Who's hiring

With hundreds of companies looking to fill technical and non-technical roles, Waterloo Region has the ingredients to fulfil any career journey.

400+ companies

900+ jobs

Career profile

Local stories of career progression and impact in Waterloo Region. 


Arctic Wolf Networks hits US$1.3B valuation with new $200M funding
Arctic Wolf Networks hits US$1.3B valuation with new $200M funding

Cybersecurity company Arctic Wolf Networks, which has an office in Waterloo and deep ties to the region, today announced a US$200-million Series E funding raise and a plan to move its global headquarters… (click here to read more)

Kevin Crowley
2020-10-22 10:08 am - Featured

AirMatrix off to flying start with drone tests in Waterloo Region
AirMatrix off to flying start with drone tests in Waterloo Region

AirMatrix continues to soar thanks to a supportive relationship with Waterloo Region that assists the startup in aerial-mapping area roads and creating proposed “skyways” for the safe use of commercial… (click here to read more)

Kevin Crowley
2020-10-21 10:55 am - Featured

Knowledgehook raises $20M as pandemic fuels edtech growth
Knowledgehook raises $20M as pandemic fuels edtech growth

Knowledgehook, the Waterloo Region-based maker of math software that uses real-time classroom data to help teachers improve student learning, announced Thursday that it has raised CDN$20 million in a Series… (click here to read more)

Kevin Crowley
2020-10-15 5:39 pm - Featured

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