KITCHENER, Ontario –, a life science digitization and automation company, announced today that HelaPlex, a commercial shared office and lab space, chose Scispot as their exclusive digital platform to create the world’s first digital life science accelerator. 

As part of this partnership, HelaPlex will gain access to a white label digital operating platform powered by Scispot. HelaPlex will allocate a secure digital space to each of its members that will enable them to manage their research, resources, and partners in one spot per commercial regulatory requirements. 

“I believe the bio revolution is on the horizon and it will be led by virtual and semi-virtual life science companies,” said Guru Singh, CEO of “Digitally powering HelaPlex companies early on will give these startups an upper hand over their competitors and bigger counterparts. This partnership sets the foundation for the virtualization and democratization of this industry.”

"Together, Scispot and HelaPlex strive to accelerate the commercial development of life science assets by startup communities in Philadelphia while simultaneously de-risking investment for their respective financiers, i.e. angel investors, venture capitalists, and private equity investors," stated Tia Lyles-Williams, CEO of HelaPlex. “This partnership underscores HelaPlex’s commitment to empowering bioentrepreneurs. HelaPlex will enable the most talented and ambitious bioentrepreneurs in accelerating their assets to become the next multi-billion-dollar companies.”

Scispot has joined forces with numerous other incubators, accelerators, and shared lab spaces including IndieBio, a leading biotech accelerator.  With these partnerships, Scispot aims to create a community of thousands of smart digital biotech™ working in an interconnected collaborative network to help solve humanity's biggest problems. 

ABOUT SCISPOT.IO is a life science digitization and automation company based in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. It has created a digital operating platform for ambitious bioentrepreneurs and scientists so they can start and scale their life science SMEs as quickly and efficiently as their tech counterparts. Scispot's digital operating platform is fully configurable and modular to transform life science SMEs into digital companies. It digitizes workflows, automates repetitive tasks, and enables instant connection with partners in one spot.

The company’s mission is to transform over 10 thousand life science companies into smart digital biotech™ by 2025 and enable instant connections among them so that they can thrive in digital networks and bring new life-saving and enhancing products to market faster than ever before. Visit the company website, LinkedIn page, or request a demo to join the biotech revolution.


HelaPlex is a commercial co-working space for life science startups and virtual biotechs. Along with LucasPye BIO, HelaPlex will play a critical role in accelerating the assets of life start-ups and biotech companies into the global commercial market. LucasPye BIO & HelaPlex are both subsidiaries of Goffman Bougard, LLC.