KITCHENER, ONT., May 6, 2021 – Alert Labs Inc., a subsidiary of Watsco, Inc. – the largest HVAC Distributor in North America – is pleased to announce that veteran sales leader, Blair Melton, joined the team as Alert Labs’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Blair's responsibilities will encompass sales team leadership, and the continued expansion of Alert Labs commercial leak and flood, and A/C monitoring solutions across North America.

Blair brings more than 20 years of sales and marketing leadership experience to Alert Labs. In previous roles, Blair developed top performing teams in the North American technology sector with a focus on smart building, IoT, and data analytics. Additionally, his industry knowledge and expertise will strengthen growth in Alert Labs’ key markets – property management, facilities and operations management, government, HVAC services, and education.

“In 2020, Alert Labs’ solutions saved one billion gallons of wasted water, and stopped 17.9 million pounds of CO2e from entering the atmosphere. As we expand our solution portfolio and our geographic reach, we continue to invest in our leadership team to accelerate that growth,” said George Tsintzouras, CEO. “Blair has successfully scaled revenue in the past, and we are with him 100 per cent as he brings his ‘A’ game to Alert Labs, our partners, and customers.”

“Recurring value is the most important commitment we can make to our customers. With products that repeatedly reduce operating costs, reduce property damage, and reduce negative environmental impact, my job becomes about ensuring more customers experience these benefits first-hand,” said Melton. “As an avid believer in the importance of reducing energy and water waste, I’m thrilled to lead the team as we expand the positive impact of Alert Labs’ solutions.”