Toronto, ON (Dec. 8, 2021) – The team at BriefBid has officially launched DeckLinks, a new platform that helps sales teams share interactive sales decks and access instant analytics on buyer engagement. The founders are positioning DeckLinks as “Google Analytics for sales decks,” as the new online tool offers the most advanced analytics for deck sharing on the market. 

The DeckLinks platform is a new standalone product that was inspired by key learnings from the BriefBid’s existing B2B marketplace, which serves media buyers and sellers through RFP management and matchmaking — a platform that the team has managed for over three years. In that time, they saw their sell-side users often sharing one-directional, static sales decks that failed to garner responses or feedback. Through an internal effort to understand how their buy-side users engage with sales material in the marketplace, the company developed internal tools to track interactions with their own sales decks to their users.

“In our effort to solve a problem in the media RFP space, we discovered a problem in the sales space. When we thought we were solving a problem for our users, we ended up solving a problem for sales people in general. Sometimes great products come out of internal tools that can be applied externally – look at Slack,” said Kevin Macphee, CTO.

These tools evolved into DeckLinks, a platform capable of showing sales representatives how buyers specifically interact with sales materials, even when no direct response is provided. This allows sales teams to start more conversations with relevant follow ups, access actionable insights to improve their efforts, and close more deals by personalizing client experiences. DeckLinks goes beyond traditional document sharing platforms by creating a custom, fully-trackable microsite that houses each deck. The platform’s additional features include company profiles, industry-specific modules, and other widgets.

“No matter what stage of the sales cycle you’re at, DeckLinks always keeps things going both ways. When every sale becomes a conversation, the sales experience gets more personal. That’s better for everyone,” said Lidia Vijga, CEO.

About DeckLinks: DeckLinks is a Canadian B2B SaaS startup created to make sales more conversational. DeckLinks helps sales teams securely share sales decks and instantly access engagement analytics to close more deals faster. Visit to learn more.