As True North conference delegates took in a packed schedule of tech-for-good talks Thursday at Kitchener’s Lot42, 48 startups from across the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor presented themselves before a crowd of 185 investors at the Tannery Event Centre.

Possibly the largest event of its kind to date in Canada, Corridor Demo Day featured three-minute pitches from seed-to-Series A-ready startups, followed by investor-founder discussions.

Corridor Demo Day is a collaboration between Corridor-based organizations including Communitech, Velocity, OneEleven, MaRS, DMZ, the Accelerator Centre, Innovation Factory, NEXT Canada, RIC Centre, Creative Destruction Lab and others. The group vets and assembles the region’s most investment-ready startups and has held events in Toronto, Waterloo Region and Mountain View, CA.

The startups pitching at today’s event were:

Acerta, a software-as-a-service company that provides AI-powered analytics for the automotive industry

Amina Health, a hardware company that enables real-time nutrition analysis from a drop of blood

AMZPing Inc., an intelligent dashboard for merchants who sell on Amazon

Aux Mode, whose software helps victims of online IP theft by automatically monetizing the stolen content

Borealis Wind, maker of a de-icing system for wind turbines, leading to more uptime, power generation and return on investment

Cicer One Technologies Inc., which offers hardware-enabled encryption for sensitive data streams on IoT devices

CSTS Health Care, whose software uses AI to produce designer therapies for cancer

Curexe, a low-cost way to exchange foreign currency and pay international suppliers and employees

Curiato, a smart hospital bed sheet that uses AI to head off skin conditions such as bedsores

Dash MD, a real-time communication platform to help patients with aftercare when they leave hospital or the doctor’s office

DeepPiXEL Inc., an AI system to help customer service teams

Directive Communication Systems, a software platform that resolves people’s digital accounts after they die

EnergyX, a white-label consumer-energy audit tool for utilities

Evichat, an AI-powered tool that helps legal clients collect required discovery evidence from their message threads and share it with their lawyers

Fintros, an anonymous platform to recruit top talent in the financial sector

Furnishr, a service that enables fully furnished rooms to be designed, delivered and set up in one day

GamerLink Inc., a hub and one-stop shop where gamers can connect with each other

Ground, an app that delivers verified, unbiased news with help from real people on the ground

HaulerAds Inc., which enables data-driven advertising on the sides of trucks

Heala, a wearable that delivers personalized care to people with anxiety

Hello Prosper Inc., a mobile coaching platform that helps students develop their professional voice

Helm, a software control panel that helps parents manage family life and activities

HelpWear, a high-quality wearable heart monitor that replaces cumbersome ECG monitors

Hodlbot, a bot for index investing of cryptocurrencies

Hyre, a platform that instantly connects event organizers with qualified event staff

JAUNTIN’, which enables users to buy insurance on demand using a mobile device

JustGotThat Inc., a local marketplace to find and book household professional services

KA Imaging Inc., a portable, MRI-quality X-ray for all hard and soft tissues

Local Line, a field-to-fork system that connects local food suppliers to customers

Maerospace, which turns big data into actionable information in real time

MedStack, a cloud host that automates regulatory compliance for health apps

Mirage VR, a multiplayer VR entertainment platform with retail franchises

Nanophyll, smart coatings that improve the physical properties of construction materials

NanoQuan Inc., next-generation, conductive, nanotech-enabled plastics

NERv Technology Inc., an implant that detects post-surgery complications

Neutun Labs Inc., a mental health chatbot for people with depression and anxiety

NURO CORP., a neurological-to-computer interface for incapacitated people

OrbCare Inc., a unified health cloud platform for healthcare professionals

ParityGo Inc., which optimizes energy use in large multi-unit residential buildings

RATIO.CITY, a strategic intelligence platform for property developers

Robot Playtime, a K-12 teaching robot for science and coding

Staffy, an on-demand platform to help restaurants and event managers fill staff vacancies within 90 minutes

Swiggle Inc., which enables consumers to automatically claim price drops post-purchase

Uprise, which uses AI to enable the organic spread of marketing content

Value Connect Inc., which automates home appraisals for the financial industry

Vena Medical, which bills itself as the world’s smallest camera for surgeons navigating veins and arteries