TORONTO (PRWEB), Fable Tech Labs Inc. (“Fable”), a leading accessibility platform powered by people with disabilities, today announced Fable Upskill, a custom accessibility training product to help digital teams gain the skills they need to build inclusive products. Instead of focusing on generic, compliance-focused content, Fable Upskill provides teams with custom, video-based, and practical training informed by people with disabilities.

In a world where accessibility training has often been developed by consultants and lawyers, Fable Upskill centers the lived experience of people with disabilities to equip teams with real-world and practical knowledge.

Fable Upskill helps make accessibility part of everyone’s job, so that products are designed inclusively from the start. It provides team members with the skills and knowledge that they specifically need, whether they are a designer, a researcher, or a developer. And Fable Upskill helps team leaders manage and track accessibility training, so they can advance their whole team with confidence.

“We built Fable Upskill to give digital teams the custom accessibility training needed to serve people with disabilities in a meaningful way. We prioritized on-demand video-based content that’s role specific - because that’s what organizations told us they need.” said Alwar Pillai, CEO and Co-Founder of Fable. “As leading organizations increasingly invest in accessibility research and testing, Fable is now also meeting the demand to help their teams upskill on accessibility.”

Fable Upskill is available to demo today at Organizations can request a demo to learn how Fable Upskill can help them rapidly equip their teams with custom accessibility training.

Leading companies including Walmart, Shopify, and Slack already trust Fable Engage to meet their accessibility testing and research needs. By adding custom accessibility training with Fable Upskill, Fable is reinforcing how companies establish and sustain inclusive software development.

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Fable is a leading accessibility platform powered by people with disabilities. Fable moves organizations from worrying about compliance to building incredible and accessible user experiences.  Digital teams work with Fable to improve accessibility for over 1 billion people with disabilities. Fable Engage connects digital teams to people with disabilities remotely and on-demand for accessibility research and testing. Fable Upskill provides custom accessibility training for digital teams to gain skills to build inclusive products. To learn more, visit