Worried about losing your Google Reader list this summer? Haven’t found an effective way to manage all your social news and information? Communitech HYPERDRIVE Cohort 2 company WellRead has the solution.

WellRead has launched its web-based platform that aims to simplify how readers keep up with the large amount of daily data they receive through traditional news and their own social media networks.

"We are like Google Reader plus Google News and Google Alerts for your personalized sources,” says Rob Darling, CEO and founder of WellRead. “We offer the simplicity of an RSS reader enhanced with smarts, collaboration and sharing. It's a better way to get news, from traditional channels as well as your social and professional networks, all in one place - more efficiently and with more user control than Google.”

WellRead wants to be better than the traditional RSS readers. WellRead uses its sophisticated algorithm to combine news from leading sources such as newspapers, magazines and broadcast networks and your social content from Twitter, Facebook and feeds you’ve imported to identify what's important to you, so you can read what really matters.

Interested in the HYPERDRIVE experience? Applications are now open for Cohort 3.