Communitech helps tech companies start, grow and succeed. That’s our mission, our mantra, our reason for being. Everything we do ties back to collaboration and helping—values that run deep in our organization.

Communitech was founded in 1997 by a group of entrepreneurs committed to making Waterloo Region a global innovation leader. At the time it was crazy talk, but somehow this community managed to pull it off. Today, Communitech is a public-private innovation hub that supports a community of more than 1,400 companies — from startups to scale-ups to large global players.


Communitech helps tech companies start, grow and succeed in three distinct ways:

  • Communitech is a place – the centre of gravity for entrepreneurs and innovators. A clubhouse for building cool shit and great companies.
  • Communitech delivers programs – helping companies at all stages with access to capital, customers and talent. We are here to help them grow and innovate.
  • Communitech partners in building a world-leading ecosystem – making sure we have all the ingredients (and the brand) to go from a small startup to a global giant.


Our team is dedicated and passionate. Regardless of role, we work together every day to help our tech companies overcome barriers to success. Team members can often be found throughout the community at all kinds of events. Next time you see one of us, say hi.


The Communitech Hub and the Data Hub


Our Hubs are the places we call home and are a clubhouse for the Waterloo Region tech community. We have 120,000+ square feet dedicated to world-leading collaboration and innovation. We bring together key players—from startups and global brands, to government agencies, academic institutions, tech incubators and accelerators—to create an environment like no other.


Focused on fuelling job creation and company growth, the Hubs keep buzzing well beyond typical business hours. They play host to events, special guests and other shenanigans, serve as collaborative office space for a mix of tech and non-tech companies, and offer drop-in space for guests.


Located in Uptown Waterloo, the Communitech Data Hub is our second home and a gathering point for the Region’s data-driven tech community. It is a 19,000+ square foot collaborative space in a heritage building at the heart of the Data District.


Like the name says, it focuses on the area of tech pushing the next wave if disruption: data. It’s a place for events, leading-edge speakers and deep data discussions that skew a bit more techy, even for Communitech.


If you’d like a tour, sign up here for a Communitech Hub tour or here for a Communitech Data Hub tour and we’ll make it happen.


Our guiding principles


We work closely with a lot of people, from customers, investors and partners to team members and the broader community – all of whom have placed their trust in us to deliver value and do right by them. We are committed to earning this trust day in and day out.


Got a concern or ideas about how we can improve? You can contact us here.


To our customers – tech companies – we commit to working hard to understand their problems, deliver timely solutions, amplify their wins and advocate for public policy that helps them succeed.


To our public and private investors, we commit to delivering strong return on investment by helping companies create jobs and grow revenue, and by working to make Waterloo Region the best place anywhere to start and grow a tech company.


To our partners – universities and colleges, municipalities, government departments and sister organizations – we commit to working collaboratively, diligently and in good faith to align our efforts and achieve our mutual goals.


To our team members, we commit to providing a diverse, dynamic, inclusive and fun place to work, where people can find their calling, achieve greatness and belong to an important movement. We treat each other with respect, integrity and transparency, and provide a safe avenue to raise concerns confidentially via email at


To our community, we commit to doing our part to make Waterloo Region a better place to live, by supporting a vibrant arts and culture scene, advocating for quality health care and rolling up our sleeves to help those in need.