Fierce Founders

Attention female founders and entrepreneurs

Communitech is dedicated to helping female founders start and scale their business. Through hands-on support from our growth coaches, customized programming to help your company grow, and access to a large network of other female founders, we can help with everything from A to She.

Fierce Founders Bootcamp

A fast-paced business and personal growth program designed for female entrepreneurs who have launched their MVP or are close to doing so.

Fierce Founders Intensive Track

Your product is in market and generating revenue. Build a growth plan to scale faster, execute with hands-on support and potentially access $50,000. 

Woman in forgeground out of focus carrying giant cheque, banner in the background that says Communitech Fierce Founders Uplift.

Fierce Founders Uplift

Fierce Founders Uplift helps woman-identifying and/or non-binary founders from underrepresented groups by providing $10,000 in non-matching funds and growth coaching.

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